8 Things You should Look for When Buying a Food Processor

8 Things You should Look for When Buying a Food Processor

Food processor is one of the few true multi-purpose appliances in your kitchen. Once you get used to this machine, you will end up using it more often.

If you don’t have this amazing kitchen appliance already, this is the perfect time for you to buy one. We have gone through several food processor reviews and made a list of the things you should look for when buying a new processor. Let’s start with the basic one – capacity.


Most common food processors have a range of 7 to 16 cups of dry food ingredients. The liquid ingredient capacity is a bit lower. If you are cooking for a large family, you should go for the bigger models. If they seem expensive, you can consider the medium-sized ones too.

Build Quality

An ideal food processor should feel solid in hand. You may find some cheaper processors with lower build qualities, but they won’t last longer. In the long run, you will end up spending more for the machine. Therefore, it is always wise to buy the best class product, even if that is a bit expensive.

Available Controls

The majority of food processors is provided with only three options – on, off and pulse. On some rare occasions, you will find machines with extra control for making dough. Besides them, you should also find out how easy or hard it is to clean the device.

The Bowl

Generally, the bowl of most food processors is manufactured with poly carbonate plastic. This material is sturdy and easy to clean. Along with the material, you should also check out the size. Make sure that the bowl size is perfect for your cooking requirements.

The Blades

Blades are the main working part of a food processor. By changing the blades, you can take care of different tasks. Your chosen processor should come with all the necessary blades. It is also possible to purchase additional blades for extra features.

Available Features

The most common tasks of a food processor include slicing, chopping, whipping, shredding, pureeing, grating etc. Find out which tasks are the most important ones for you. And then, choose a processor which has these features.

Warranty Period

As with any other product, your food processor should also come with a warranty period. Having this makes sure that you are getting a solid product and you have a backup in case something bad happens. All the leading manufacturers prove warranty periods with their products.

The Accessories

Having access to additional accessories is another important point for an ideal food processor. You should choose a processor which offers this option. This will make sure that you can extend the default features if necessary.

Having a food processor will definitely be a huge plus point for your kitchen. And the tips provided above will help you in choosing the best processor within your budget.

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